Beetle vs. Cockroach – Which Pest Do You Have?

Do you know there are over 3,70,000 known species of beetles and 4500+ cockroaches?

These insects look so similar that anyone can quickly get confused while distinguishing them.

However, whether it is a beetle or cockroach, both are not good for living in a home, especially when they carry various threats, including some related to health.

Therefore, in today’s guide, we will dig deep to learn everything about cockroaches and beetles, their differences, their threats, and the ultimate solution to get rid of them at home.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

Cockroach Vs. Beetle

Regarding physical appearance, both cockroaches and beetles have quite similar appearances, with six legs and three body parts.

However, including variety, beetles have over 3,70,000 known species, whereas cockroaches have over 4500+.

Coming to their favorite place to habitat then, beetles love to roam around the freshwater and land habitat regions, whereas roaches love to stay inside the home where they can get food and water supply.

However, cockroaches can infest a home by exploding their population, but with beetles, it is less likely to happen.

In this large cockroach species, the oriental cockroaches look quite like beetles with their rounded, shiny, and armored appearance.

And some beetles, such as the June bug, can look similar to cockroaches.

Therefore, wide varieties of cockroaches and beetles resemble or have similar appearance qualities, making it quite difficult for a person to differentiate them.

Especially when it is dark or nighttime, distinguishing between them becomes more challenging.

Apart from similarities, there are many differences that you can spot and then easily differentiate between them as you practice with patience and observe.

How To Identify A Beetle?

How To Identify A Beetle

Identifying a beetle is relatively easy once you know all its characteristics.

Appearance-wise, a beetle can range from 1/16th of an inch to up to 6 inches in size, but most of the beetles have much smaller heads.

Beetles also have short antennae than cockroaches, making them appear different.

On top of that, beetles can come in any color, mainly with vibrant colors, making them appear attractive.

Also, like cockroaches, not all beetles can fly; however, like cockroaches, beetles have two sets of wings with a stiff outer side to protect the inside branches.

Further, beetles have elytra running symmetrically down the middle of their back, and their wings’ veins are straight and parallel.

Despite so many physical differences, beetles are often confused with cockroaches, and German cockroaches are more likely to be confused with beetles as they are similar.

People often mistake a German roach for a June bug or click beetle.

However, above all these, you will find that beetles do not infest your home like cockroaches, but you can hardly find a beetle or two.

Some beetles, such as carpet beetles or black carpet beetles, are only known for infesting homes and can also eat anything and even dead organisms.

But you might rarely get in trouble due to other beetles.

How To Identify A Cockroach?

How To Identify A Cockroach

Cockroaches have more viewable physical characteristics that you can spot, like:

  • Cockroaches are typically reddish-brown to dark brown.
  • The german and other cockroach species have long antennae than beetles or any other insect.
  • Cockroaches have six long legs apart from the head, the thorax, and the abdomen.
  • The shell of cockroaches is more of a papery, leathery texture, and it is not all solid, and the cover of cockroaches is only to protect the wings.
  • Most cockroaches’ sizes will measure between 1 to 2 inches in length.

So, these are the main physical characteristics you can observe in a cockroach.

Apart from this, you will also find that not all cockroaches can fly, and they fold their wings over one another while putting veins in the wings.

However, some cockroaches, such as German, have smaller body sizes and are more likely to be mistaken for beetles.

Although roaches are more likely to infest the home, you are supposed to look for more infestation signs for confirmation before getting on the way to kill a bug or two.

Here are some crucial signs that if you observe in your home, then there is a high chance that you might be facing a roach infestation issue.

Signs Of Cockroach Infestation

Sign Of Cockroach Infestation

If you observe a few roaches around the kitchen, bathroom, or any other area in your home, then it doesn’t indeed prove the infestation issue.

However, having a few roaches at home can be a sign that there might be hundreds of insects, too, which can lead to cockroach problems.

Therefore, look out for these signs in your home which indicate you might be having a cockroach infestation:

Regular Cockroach Encounter

A regular encounter with some cockroaches almost daily is the first sign of cockroach infestation.

It is not good news if you have been regularly observing some cockroaches frequently, especially around the kitchen and bathroom.

It is because there is a high chance that hundreds might be hiding at a particular spot, even if your home has a few roaches.

Therefore, you should observe such spots where these nasty insects can hide because you never know when you might be giving shelter to a whole cockroach colony.

Cockroach Feces

Another common sign of having a cockroach infestation is observing cockroach feces.

Cockroach feces are little brown specks similar to bits of dirt or like tiny brown drips and smears.

These feces are more likely found on countertops, cupboards, and open areas.

Therefore, finding cockroach feces, especially in larger quantities, shows a clear sign for having a cockroach infestation.

Cockroach Egg Cases

Apart from regular cockroach encounters and feces, finding cockroach egg cases anywhere in the home is another vital sign that roaches might infest your home.

Cockroaches breed fast, and therefore, they explode their population quickly. So finding cockroach eggs in your home indicates that your home might have a lot of cockroaches.

Female cockroaches hide their eggs in egg cases that are small, dark brown, or black with hardened and sometimes banded exteriors.

A single egg case can hold 30 to 50 eggs, depending on the type of cockroach.

Therefore, it is why it becomes easy for cockroaches to take over a home if an infestation is not treated quickly because they can breed fast.

So, with these signs, you can quickly identify if your home has a roach infestation.

What Are Damages Posed By Cockroaches And Beetles?

Damage By Cockroaches

Whether it is a beetle or cockroach, these insects are a nuisance if they get inside your home.

Beetles tend to do more damage to things in your home, whereas cockroaches can damage anything—no doubt why cockroaches can eat even fabric or anything when they get nothing to eat.

However, beetles eat other household pests, so they are friends with humans for pest control.

It is also true that most beetles eat leaves and other plant components, which means beetles are herbivores.

Additionally, cockroaches carry bacteria, spreading intestinal diseases and other issues when they contaminate food.

Therefore, you need to know the various kinds of damage these tiny insects do so that you can protect yourself by quickly getting rid of them.

Problems With Beetles

Problem With Beetles

You might have rarely heard about beetle infestation.

Also, beetles do less damage than cockroaches, but they can be a headache if they get inside your home.

Beetles cause damage to agriculture, forestry, and horticulture more as compared to cockroaches. Unlike roaches, beetles do not pose any health threat.

Some beetles, such as red flour beetle, sawtoothed grain beetle, larger beetle, and cigarette beetle, can get into your pantry and live in any open food container.

Therefore, you must protect your food items and avoid keeping them open.

In general, beetles are more likely to cause damage to wood or manufactured structures in the worst case.

Anobiid powderpost beetles and a longhorn beetle are the perfect examples of them.

However, carpet beetle is a type of beetle that can get inside the home for any material and easily ruin it.

Besides, black carpet beetle, common carpet beetle, varied carpet beetle, and furniture carpet beetle are also nuisance insects.

Problems With Cockroaches

When it comes to damage, nuisance, or health issues, cockroaches are more dangerous than beetles.

Cockroaches are highly likely to be a concern to health as they carry multiple harmful bacteria with them and cause food poisoning.

That means cockroaches can cause sickness and other health issues by spreading those bacteria from trash cans, sewers, and dumpsters when they get on a food item.

The primary issue with cockroaches is that they can contaminate food items leading to cause various health issues.

In addition, cockroaches can bite humans sometimes and cause swelling from the infection or further issues.

Cockroaches mostly roam around in the bathroom and kitchen area and can easily pick up dangerous chemicals to move them onto sensitive regions of your home.

Also, these tiny insects can pick up parasitic worms, which can further create various health issues.

According to EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency), cockroaches can trigger an asthma attack from their droppings.

The cockroach feces, saliva, eggs, and outer covering on the surface contain various substances that are allergic to humans; therefore, people with asthma or other respiratory conditions can face some issues.

Also, these nasty insects can cause several illnesses through spreading bacteria such as salmonella, staphylococcus, and streptococcus if deposited in food.

People with allergies are more likely to be prone to cockroaches.

Therefore, cockroaches are more dangerous than beetles when it comes to problems and other health concerns, and that’s why you must get rid of them as soon as possible when you find any roach infestation in your home.

How To Remove Cockroach And Beetles In Your House?

Whether cockroach or beetle, you can’t bear to have either in your home. To get rid of them from your home, you can follow these steps:

Cut Down Food Sources And Water Supply

Cockroaches, beetle, and other insects love food and can’t live without it. Therefore, you need to cut down on the food and water supply.

Even though cockroaches can live without water and food for several days, it will still be the first step to kick them out.

Ensure repair of all the water-leakage points in your home, especially in the kitchen or bathroom.

Once you cut down the food and water supply, these insects must relocate to another location to find food and water.

Keep Your Home Clean

Keeping cleanliness is the second most crucial step that you can take to keep these insects away from your home.

You can remove unnecessary vegetation and dog droppings from around your home.

Take care of the kitchen, especially for cleanliness, because most food spills and crumbs are present, giving invitation roaches and several other insects.

Also, ensure not to keep any food items open and keep any food container tightly closed.

Ensure Better Waste Management

Keeping your garbage sealed and cleaning the containers is another good habit that keeps cockroaches and other pesky insects away.

These places produce a smell that attracts cockroaches; therefore, they can invite cockroaches to your home quickly.

Natural Repellents

Natural repellents can be an excellent way to repel or keep these insects away, especially cockroaches. You can ensure these nasty insects stay away by using leaves, cucumber slices, and garlic.

Professional Exterminator

In case of bad infestation, when you can’t control these tiny insects and have already exhausted other methods, you can seek professional help.

Professional exterminators can quickly identify which type of pests you might be having in your home and can provide solutions accordingly in a fast manner.

FAQs About Beetles And Cockroaches

How do you tell if it’s a cockroach or a beetle?

There are many differences by which you can spot a cockroach or beetle. Cockroaches have flattened bodies, while beetles are more likely to have a cylindrical shape.

Further, beetles have shorter antennae than cockroaches. There are many more differences between a cockroach and a beetle. By observing, you can tell if it is a roach or beetle.

Is there a beetle that looks like a roach?

The ground beetle and the June bug are the two insects commonly mistaken for a cockroach due to their similarities; oriental cockroaches also look similar to that beetles.

What can be mistaken for a cockroach?

Various insects are often mistaken for a cockroach, some of them are ground beetles, crickets, bed bugs, termites, and the wood-boring beetle.

Considering beetles, oriental cockroach species are more likely to be confused with beetles.

What is the difference between a click beetle and a cockroach?

The significant difference between a click beetle and a cockroach is their size and diet. Most click beetles have a small size of under 2 cm in length, whereas cockroaches are slightly more giant, around 4 cm in size.


Cockroaches or beetles these both insects might be a nuisance for you if they are in your home.

However, cockroaches are more likely to do damage, whether it’s about materials or your health. Therefore, you need to get rid of cockroaches quickly.

Ultimately, avoiding insects concerning your health, hygiene, and safety is better.

Also, it is better to seek professional help to get rid of these insects if you are tired of trying all other methods and has already exhausted all other solutions.

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