How to Keep Roaches Away From Bed While You Sleep At Night?

How to Keep Roaches Away From Bed While You Sleep At Night

The mere thought of having cockroaches in bed might make you imagine them crawling all over you as you sleep, which is why most homeowners react with great horror when they see one. Despite widespread, they breed in unclean environments and thrive on food debris, filthy kitchens, and bathrooms. You can take several preventative actions … Read more

Where Do Roaches Come From?

Where Do Roaches Come From

Cockroaches might seem to arrive out of nowhere at times, as anyone who has ever dealt with an infestation will attest. The bad news is that even if your home is spotless, you can’t be certain that this calamity won’t impact you. Since cockroaches are extremely old—more than 200 million years—it is hard to pinpoint … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Big, Black Cockroach?

How To Get Rid Of Big, Black Cockroach

The giant black kekereng, also known as Maoriblatta novaeseelandiae, is a cockroach species belonging to the Blattidae family. Other names include papata pango, black cockroach, black stink roach, and black cockroach. It is well recognized for the protective chemical that, when disturbed, it releases. Description Maoriblatta novaeseelandiae are large cockroaches (25-29 mm long) with a … Read more

What attracts cockroaches – How you are inviting them?

What attracts cockroaches_How you are inviting them

What attracts cockroaches? Sadly, there isn’t simple response to that problem. Asking yourself what repels cockroaches is actually a little bit easier, and there may be a few things. But sadly, there is a very large list of their attractions. Like people, cockroaches frequently seek food, drink, and shelter. A home is the perfect setting … Read more

What do cockroaches eat?

What do cockroaches eat

Which foods consume cockroaches? Cockroaches are one of the most sustained insects. They can consume nearly everything and can endure some of the roughest environments. Most people will become terrified upon seeing cockroaches. If you’re wondering what they eat, you might be shocked by some of the foods on the cockroaches’ list. How Do Roaches … Read more

How Long do Roaches Live? – Everything you need to KNOW

How Long do Roaches Live

It’s common knowledge that cockroaches are tiny, disgusting creatures. But these prehistoric survivor species have remarkably evolved over hundreds of years. The most significant cockroach facts and why they matter to you will be discussed. What Are Cockroaches? Insects of the Blattodea order include cockroaches. They are linked to termites, and a very long time … Read more

Does Baking Soda Kill Roaches?

Does Baking Soda Kill Roaches

Do you want to know how baking soda kills roaches? At a certain time in life, we’ve all had cockroaches in our houses and apartments. Although there are several remedies available to get rid of cockroaches, these unwanted teensy creatures don’t end up leaving easily. But do you want to know home remedies for how … Read more

Are There Bugs In Peanut Butter?

Are There Bugs In Peanut Butter

Did you eat peanut butter in your breakfast? Plenty of your delicious meals may have tiny fragments and parts of creatures you were unaware of, but the question is, are there bugs in peanut butter? How about a little mouse poop in your beverage? Assume you loaded peanut butter, chocolate cakes, and jelly sandwiches for … Read more

What If You Had A Dream About Roaches?

What If You Had A Dream About Roaches

Seeing dreams about roaches is normal, yet people react to these nightmares differently. It causes uneasiness or exasperation in some people. Some find it to be a pleasant or wonderful thing. Cockroach dreams have a different explanation in each tribe and tradition. But what does it indicate to you when you dream about roaches? These … Read more

Cockroaches in the Bathroom – [Where do they come FROM?]

Cockroaches in the Bathroom Where do they come FROM

Do you fear something might skit across the bathroom floor when you switch on the light? And it does not stop there; cockroach infestation in bathrooms as rapidly as they can infest kitchens and sewer pipes. Nevertheless, it appears pretty weird that even these cockroach infestations can find damp places like a drain.  We can … Read more