Types Of Cockroaches in Scotland And How To Get Rid Of Them?

Cockroaches are everywhere in the world.

You will find them almost everywhere in Scotland, England, Wales, the whole U.K., or the U.S.

Cockroaches can eat anything and can even live in a harsh environment.

However, compared to the U.S., cockroaches are not very common in the U.K.

Only 4 out of 3000+ species of cockroaches are commonly found in Scotland, England, Wales, and other regions.

So, in today’s guide, let’s find out the common cockroach species in Scotland and around its regions and how to get rid of them.

Let’s begin, shall we?

Are Cockroaches Common In Scotland?

Reportedly, Scotland (tied with Wales) has the second or third-highest rate of cockroach infestation reporting in the U.K.

And the most common cockroaches are the German and Oriental ones, which are more likely to be invasive.

Also, according to the Entomological Experimentation And Application, oriental cockroaches have a relatively high tolerance to cold. Therefore, it is one factor that allows these cockroaches to have a slightly higher population in Scotland.

Furthermore, it is also true that the cockroaches native to the U.K. tend to find it hard to live in the natural environment of Scotland.

How Common Are Cockroaches In The U.K.?

How Common Are Cockroaches In The U.K.

As mentioned earlier, cockroaches are uncommon in the U.K. compared to the U.S. or other regions.

The three most common species of cockroaches that are considered native to the U.K. are:

  • Lesser Cockroach
  • Tawny Cockroach
  • Dusky Cockroach

However, these species are not found in Ireland or Northern Ireland and are more likely to be found in Southern England and Wales.

Also, these cockroaches prefer to live outside in their natural habitat, unlike invasive species like German or Oriental cockroaches.

Therefore, when it comes to infesting home properties in the U.K. then, here comes the main cockroach species that are more likely to invade homes:

  • German Cockroaches
  • American Cockroaches
  • Oriental Cockroaches
  • Brown Banded Cockroaches

These cockroaches are considered pests, and therefore, they are invasive.

However, the American cockroach is the least common of these four species in the U.K.

U.K. Cockroach Species

UK Cockroach Species
UK Cockroach Species

Cockroaches native to the U.K., like dusky or tawny, are more likely to be found in the country’s southern parts.

Additionally, they are far smaller and prefer to live outside in their natural habitat.

For instance, compared to the cockroaches found in the home, a dusky cockroach has an average size of 10.5 mm, whereas a tawny cockroach has a 10 mm average size.

Therefore, these are relatively smaller, whereas the invasive species have an average of 30 mm in size.

German Cockroaches

One of the most common cockroaches responsible for infesting homes – German cockroaches tend to create a nuisance.

German cockroaches prefer wet and humid environments, easily found in households.

Like all other cockroaches, they are nocturnal and eat anything from garbage to food items in the kitchen.

However, German cockroaches can also prefer to eat organic material in the garbage.

Therefore, these pests contaminate food items, too.

With an average size of 13 to 16 mm, German cockroaches have long, pale brown body with two dark stripes behind their head.

Although a German cockroach has wings on its back, it cannot fly.

Furthermore, German cockroaches lay more eggs than the U.K. species of cockroaches and have a lifespan of 12 months.

These pesky insects are so common worldwide that according to the Journal Of Environmental Health, several studies have been conducted concerning products that can be used to remove and avoid infestations.

Oriental Cockroaches

After German, Oriental cockroaches are most likely found in standard home premises and commercial buildings.

Considering the size, Oriental cockroaches are the second giant in the U.K.

The average size of Oriental male cockroaches goes around 25 mm, whereas female cockroaches are bigger, with an average length of 32 mm.

Oriental cockroaches have a black or dark brown color with a more giant, rounded head with wings on the back.

But these species are not able to fly, just like German cockroaches.

However, compared to German cockroaches, Oriental cockroaches have a shorter life span of 6 months only.

Similar to German cockroaches, Oriental cockroaches also feed upon decaying or rotting organic matter and other dead insects.

In short, these species can eat anything from garbage and even contaminate kitchen food, leading to food poisoning.

American Cockroaches

In the U.K., American cockroaches are the least common species.

Due to low cold tolerance, American cockroaches are limited to the Southern areas.

However, comparatively other invasive cockroach species in the U.K., American cockroaches have the largest size.

The average size of an American cockroach goes around 53 mm. And due to their distinctive size and appearance, they can easily be identified.

American cockroaches have a reddish-brown color and carry yellow bands around the shield behind their heads.

Furthermore, both male and female cockroach species have wings that they can use to fly to a certain distance.

Also, American cockroaches have a lifespan of 2 years which makes them long-living insects.

Just like German and Oriental, American cockroaches also prefer humid and wet environments to thrive.

They feed upon anything they can find in the kitchen or garbage area.

It is why American cockroaches like to live indoors.

Brown Banded Cockroaches

One of the smallest cockroach species found in the U.K. – brown-banded cockroaches have a dark brown color with a yellowish hue down their wings.

However, female brown-banded cockroaches carry a distinctive reddish-brown color.

In the brown-banded cockroach category, only male cockroach is capable of flying.

However, in case of danger or disturbance, both male and female cockroaches may jump.

In their appearance, both males and females have two light yellow bands across their bodies, which makes them unique compared to the other species.

But these cockroaches have a varying lifespan averaging between 3 to 11 months.

Like other species, these brown-banded cockroaches also prefer living in warm and humid conditions, which are found easily indoors.

Also, these cockroach species are prolific breeders, so they can create an infestation quickly if they get inside your home.

One of the common areas where these brown-banded cockroaches are found (but not limited to) is electric appliances like fridges, microwaves, etc.

Brown-banded cockroaches are similar to other cockroaches when it comes to food.

They also eat anything from organic matter to food scraps, waste, and other dead insects when food is hard to find.  

Flying Cockroaches

There are not many flying cockroaches in the U.K.

Even though the American cockroach has wings, they cannot fly for long, just like German cockroaches or Oriental.

However, the brown-banded cockroach can only fly and even in the male species.

Additionally, many other cockroaches are known for flying, such as smoky brown, Asian, and Australian species of cockroaches.

But these are not commonly found in the U.K.

Bugs That Look Like Cockroaches In The U.K.

Even though there are not many flying cockroaches in the U.K., if you notice one, it may be another insect.

And apart from flying roaches, many more insect species are confused with cockroaches.

The list of bugs that are commonly mistaken for cockroaches in the U.K. are:

  • Bed bugs
  • Bread beetles
  • Crickets
  • Woodlice
  • Vine weevil
  • Deathwatch beetle
  • Carpet beetle
  • Two-spot carpet beetle
  • Brown carpet beetle

However, among all mentioned, bed bugs are one of the most commonly found indoors and mistaken for cockroaches.

Comparatively, bed bugs are of small size with a similar color appearance to the cockroaches and often roam around bed areas.

Many people confuse bed bugs with cockroaches mainly because of their color and appearance.

However, the significant difference between a cockroach and a bed bug is that cockroaches have a long antenna that bed bugs don’t have.

Also, from the size comparison, you can instantly know whether the insect is a bed bug or cockroach.

Apart from bed bugs, cricket is another commonly confused insect with a cockroach.

However, it is found in Southern England and is commonly mistaken for cockroaches at night.

Cricket is distinguishable due to its large size and unique body structure (having long legs, and crickets are capable of flying.

Another insect species that is confused with cockroaches in homes is the beetle.

Due to nearly identical body size and similar color appearance make, the beetle is a confusing insect with cockroaches.

However, beetles prefer outdoor living, making you less likely to find them indoors.

Why Have I Got Cockroaches In My House?

Why Have I Got Cockroaches In My House

It is not true that cockroaches can be found only in dirty spaces or houses.

Even though chances are high for such households, cockroaches mostly invade homes with little or no cleanliness.

Therefore, even if your room is clean and tidy, you can still see the signs of cockroaches.

And if you do, then it is an alarming sign that your household may have cockroaches.

Once you get a few cockroaches in your house, and if you didn’t take any steps to remove them, you may have an infestation in your home later on.

However, to attract cockroaches, these are the factors:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Humid climate
  • Warm shelter

And these things can easily be found in a typical household and are sufficient to invite German or UK cockroaches.

It is why these cockroaches prefer living indoors around the kitchen and bathrooms.

Cockroaches can quickly get food and water from the kitchen while hiding in crevices, cracks, and dark places.

On top of that, cockroaches breed faster, and therefore, you should take action immediately, even if you find only one or two cockroaches around your home.

Spot The Signs Of A Cockroach Infestation

Before you know how to prevent cockroach infestation or avoid these unwanted pests entering your home, you must spot the signs of infestation.

Cockroach Leftovers

Cockroach Leftovers

Cockroaches are insects that need food sources, water to thrive, and shelter to breed.

Therefore, these tiny insects leave their excretion around the areas where they live.

It is the very first sign of cockroach infestation, and you must spot if you find any cockroach droppings or leftovers like their excretions, dead roaches, egg shells, etc.

Dead Roaches

Dead Roaches

Cockroaches can eat anything. From decaying organic matter to even other dead roaches, in case they don’t find food resources for long.

Therefore, even if you find dead roaches around a few corners, that may be a clear sign that there may be more alive roaches around your house.

Egg Cases

Cockroaches breed faster, and female cockroaches lay their eggs in an eggshell or casing, which is brown.

And if you spot these egg casings, you may be very close to the roach infestation area or cockroach colony.

Once you spot these signs around your home, you should start taking action to eliminate these pesky insects.

How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches?

So, you have spotted the cockroach infestation signs.

Now, you must take steps to get rid of these cockroaches.

The first step is cleaning the debris, droppings, and organic matter roaches have left.

Don’t forget to remove dead roaches as well.

There are many ways to kill cockroaches, but the quick and easy way is soap and water.

It is readily available and can get your job done if facing minor infestation issues.

Apart from this, you can also use borax or sticky traps to kill cockroaches.

However, it is your choice which way suits you the best.

You must follow up the investigation in whichever way you choose after putting in your best effort to eliminate roaches.

It is an essential pest control step, so no cockroaches are left in the house.

How To Prevent Cockroaches?

How To Prevent Cockroaches

To prevent cockroaches after infestation or as precautionary steps so that they do not invade your home, these are the tips that you can follow:

Regular Cleaning Sessions

The very first step for cockroach control is to clean your house.

You must regularly clean your house after removing cockroach infestation or preventing them from invading your home.

And by cleaning, you must deep clean every corner, crack, and dark area you doubt as a hiding place for these tiny insects.

By this, you are not giving any factors that attracts cockroaches.

Also, regularly inspect your home for crevices, cracks, and leakages in the kitchen, where these insects come the most.

As you keep your house clean and your walls are repaired of any leakages or cracks, you give no space for cockroaches to stay in your home.

Professional Cleaning – For Heavy Infestation

It might be costly, but if you have already put your best effort into getting rid of cockroaches and tried the best products to eliminate them from your house, there is one option: a professional exterminator.

Professional exterminators know in which area the cockroaches must be hiding, and just like deep cleaning, they will eliminate cockroaches deeply from your house.

Also, after a professional cleanup, you will be less likely to find roaches for at least six months (depending upon the quality of service).


Do you get cockroaches in Scotland?

Cockroaches are the pests that are found worldwide. The most common cockroaches that are found in Scotland are German and Oriental cockroaches.

Therefore, you are more likely to face a cockroach problem from these two common cockroaches.

Do we get cockroaches in the U.K.?

Yes, cockroaches are commonly found in U.K. households, but the American cockroach is the least widely seen, while the German and Oriental cockroaches are more common.

Do you get cockroaches in Glasgow?

The two most commonly found cockroaches in Glasgow and Scotland are the German and Oriental cockroaches.

German cockroaches are more tend to be found around these regions.

What to do if you see a cockroach?

Whether you see an Oriental cockroach or any other, the first step that comes to anyone’s mind is to kill it. You can do it simply by slapping it with your slippers or a book.

However, if you don’t want to kill or squeeze the tiny insect, you can use any cloth or broom to pick it up and leave it outside your house.

Final Words:

Cockroaches are commonly found insects worldwide, so you must know how to eliminate them if dealing with an infestation.

You can do it by learning in our detailed guide here.

Apart from this, pest control is also another option to prevent heavy cockroach infestations.

However, the basic steps to keep these tiny insects away from your house are cleaning your home regularly, checking for leakages, cracks, and crevices, and getting them repaired on time.

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