Cockroaches in the Bathroom – [Where do they come FROM?]

Do you fear something might skit across the bathroom floor when you switch on the light?

And it does not stop there; cockroach infestation in bathrooms as rapidly as they can infest kitchens and sewer pipes. Nevertheless, it appears pretty weird that even these cockroach infestations can find damp places like a drain. 

We can act quickly to assist you in getting rid of your prevailing cockroach problem. Pest Management in a house can help you get rid of the bathroom drain or sink cockroaches in the Bathroom.

Bathrooms don’t have direct access to the outside environment. Likewise, they usually have more than one window or small holes for the entry points.

If you are trying to get rid of the roaches, identify how they entered your washroom and toilets. 

I hardly enjoy discovering this pesky cockroach in the Bathroom. If you intend to remove roach infestations, I have compiled jampacked information for you to eliminate them from your Bathroom. Let us evict these unwanted visitors now.

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Reasons for Bathroom Cockroaches?

If you want to remove roaches, you must first identify their hiding places and where roaches coming from in the bathroom.

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Cockroaches access the Bathroom by climbing up drains, trying to squeeze via leaky pipes and shower drain pipes, rolling under doors, and accessing across small wall holes or bathroom exhaust fans.

Cockroaches are attracted to the Bathroom by the water sources, drains, and humidity, and they may enter many other home areas.

Roaches are easily attracted to bathrooms and toilets. They include all of the main factors for roach survival, and these are the following:

Water sources attract roaches.

Bathrooms are moist from the shower drain, toilet, or leaky faucets. Cockroaches will quench thirst from all these water sources.

Excellent Hiding Places

Cockroaches acknowledge that they are prey insects. When larger animals are nearby, they try to fit themselves into hiding places. Bathrooms provide myriad safe spots, and you can find cockroaches like:

  • Bathroom Closets

  • Behind toilets

  • Container of garbage

  • Racks and products displayed on shelves

  • Shower drain pipes

  • Washroom exhaust fan

  • Under the jacuzzi

A roach can live in even the smallest of holes. Several other species could even fit into holes one-sixth of their body structure.



Have you wondered? On a moderate basis, your bathroom shower will end up creating a balmy, warm place. Warm environments attract roaches. If the remaining part of the house is cooler, the Bathroom will appear to be a perfect place to live.

Possibly Human Food

Bathrooms, although less ideal than kitchens, include more options for food sources. These consist of:

  • ToothpasteSoap

  • Toilet tissue

  • Skincare products may contain chocolate, cream, or dirt

  • Materials used for sanitization, such as ear swabs and feminine hygiene products.



 Most doors are opened, and the lights are switched on but

on the other hand, bathrooms are normally dark at night.

Roaches are left all alone unhindered when there is no result of human activities. That’s how they prefer nighttime.

As you can see, the bath area is a cockroach’s haven to hide.

Can you imagine? They will nestle themself into this safe area if they have the chance. That may make you question how they ended up getting in.

Points where Roaches Enter Bathrooms

There are multiple ways for roaches to enter the bathrooms, many of which are noticeable to humans. Check out the following entry points if you discover bugs in your Bathroom:



Roaches frequently enter homes via plumbing and drain. Pipes that are destroyed, leakages, or cracks can provide unprotected entry on both the inside and outside. What seems to be a slight nick in your sewer systems could be fair game for these pests.

Pipes inside include a pathway for cockroaches. These pests can go through the rest of the house and control the other water leakage to gain entry. Roaches will enter your drains because the Bathroom is where most of your plumbing occurs.

Have you noticed? Cracks in pipes may turn into an even bigger problem in housing units. The shared walls enable an infestation by one house to be quickly transmitted to other parts. Pipes will help cockroaches by acting as routes to new hideaways.

Holes or Cracks and Crevices in the Wall Surfaces

It is usual for cracks or holes to form on the outer walls of homes as they age. Narrow crevices may create in the trimming, base skirt, wall panels, or edges. If they become too extreme, they can end up causing leakages and structural damage.

You might be wondering how a cockroach, on the other hand, only requires a small gap to gain entry into your Bathroom.

Baseboards and Tiles

Baseboards and Tiles

A cockroach can fit through the tiny holes in the foundation. Tiling enables this process even though small cracks will not destroy the entire square but will leave a gap. Those frayed edges may also be used as a hidden room for roaches.

Bathroom Doors with Gaps

I’m not too fond of it when suddenly I see cockroaches in bathroom door gaps. By the way, a cockroach might also enter the home from another location entirely. The shower drain and sinks will be enticing to roaches.

A cockroach may use holes under the doorway to intrude. Cracks underneath the door seal may also increase the likelihood of roaches gaining access to the bath.

How To Prevent Roaches away from the Bathrooms?

Roaches are inescapable in shower baths, especially if you live in a hot climate. Nevertheless, you can reduce the probability of bugs entering by following these measures:

  • Arrange and cleanse your Bathroom.

  • Cockroaches flourish in filthy bathrooms. They will have an entry from a few points.

  • Walls edges that are moist.

  • Mold.

However, A tidy shower is insufficient to deter roaches. Things that attract roaches must be eliminated and stored safely.

Soap Bars

Because of the high oil content, roaches will eat bar soap. In addition, animal fat could be present in more organic or natural varieties.

If you’re using a soap bar, keep it in a sealed box. You can also use shower gel instead.

Toilet papers 

Toilet papers

Moreover, must store toilet rolls inside their container. It must preferably be kept in the packet it came in till you need it.

Roaches are drawn to paper, particularly toilet tissue paper. Toilet rolls serve not only as a food source for roaches but can also disperse germs on them.


Another quick fix is to remove decaying hair from drain pipes because cockroaches will eat it, and always clean the drain after every shower.


Seal garbage bins so that roaches are unable to enter. Always purchase a more sealed lid, relocate your bin out of a darkened room, or choose to buy good bags.

Install Water Hooks in Sinks.

A water trap is needed in all modern restrooms. They can also be implanted in other sinks. Roaches are effectively deterred by P, J, U, and S water hooks. Furthermore, installing such traps can aid you in avoiding the blockage in pipes.

Must fix the Pipes

Must fix the Pipes

When dealing with leaking pipes, ensure the repair is perfect and long-lasting. Although during winter weather, partly fixed drains sink or pipes will crack. Cold weather is also a good time for cockroaches to look for a new warm home.

Fix Holes and Cracks or Crevices

Must fix damaged pipes, facades, and floor tiles. Seal up and mend tiny cracks in walls and tiles in the restroom and kitchen sink. Roaches can reside in even the tiny cracks. To maintain your washrooms pest-free, undertake a routine maintenance verification of 

  • Showers Tile

  • Floors and Ceilings

  • Walls

Eliminate Moisture Sources.

Roaches can be drawn to any item that retains humidity in your shower room. Consider the following to keep moisture at bay:

  • Including a dehumidifier

  • Placing in a Bathroom Fan

  • It will make it less alluring to cockroaches and help prevent mold.

A bathroom mat is yet another major source of water content. It shouldn’t be left soggy on the floor, particularly if it is heavy or shaggy. After using it, always hold it up to air-dry so that moisture does not gather in it.


When you see indications of a cockroach infestation, you might prefer to jump straight to the information on how to kill them. Nonetheless, knowing what attracts roaches into your Bathroom is essential for long-term preventative measures.

If you discover cockroaches in your sewer system, follow the procedures to remove them.

If you find even a cockroach in your house, you may face an infestation on your hand. Cockroaches are hard to remove as they are hard shell creatures who can go for a month without having to eat.

FAQs about Cockroach:

When do roaches come out?

These pests are nocturnal or night insects that sleep while you are awake. When you are away during the day, they prevent direct sunlight and prefer to hide in gloomy, humid areas of the house. Cockroaches could begin their never-ending quest for food once they become alert overnight.

Where do cockroaches come from in the Bathroom?

Roaches access bathrooms by reaching up drains, pulling across broken pipes, rolling under entrances, and entering thru small spaces and gaps in the walls or roofs.

The moisture and humidity attract cockroaches to the shower room, and they may gain entry through the other part of the residence.

How to get rid of bathroom cockroaches?

You can start with how cockroach control infestation has been done in the Bathroom.
For cockroach infestation, get in touch with a reputable pest control company. 

One roach does not necessarily imply a full-fledged pest problem. If you are already experiencing a roach infection, contact a roach expert. Contact a reputable cockroach control service near you if you have a cockroach problem in your washroom drain or anywhere else.

Kill Roaches by using Boiling water.
Nothing can be poured down the drain to kill bugs. There are no quick solutions like bleach, insecticide, vinegar, or baking soda. Instead, use hot boiling water down the drain to eliminate any cockroaches. If cockroaches are trying to crawl up your bathroom drain, pour boiling water to flush them out.

Can cockroaches come up through the toilet?

Have you been expecting cockroaches to access your toilet? Can cockroaches get into your apartment from the sewerage systems?

Cockroaches might well emerge from the wash basin or shower drain, and they are unable to emerge from your lavatory due to the water, even though cockroaches can hold their exhalation for 40 minutes.

Why are cockroaches in my shower?

Because they enjoy restrooms in general, cockroaches love showers as well. They could be coming up the drainage system due to pipe holes. They might like the water source; whatever hair accumulates in the sink will be eaten.

The roaches might have sought out your Bathroom for a meal because you forgot to clean the hair from the drain.

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