Does Bleach Kill Roaches? Know The Real Truth!

Consider using bleach to kill cockroaches when facing cockroach infestation in your home.

No doubt, bleach is one of the common ways to kill cockroaches that almost everyone opts for.

And also, bleach being toxic to all forms of life, can kill these tiny insects.

However, we will learn how beneficial bleach can be in today’s post.

Does bleach kill roaches? Can you clean the entire infestation with it? Does bleach kill cockroach eggs too?

Or you can kill only a few roaches roaming around.

Read along to learn everything about the use of bleach to kill cockroaches.

Let’s get started:

What Is Bleach?

What Is Bleach

Household bleach is an ordinary daily life usable compound called Sodium Hypochlorite.

It is created by mixing chlorine water and caustic soda; however, there are various forms of bleach for different purposes.

Bleach has potent properties to wash down clothes, remove stains, and remove mold and mildew.

Chlorine bleach also has whitening and anti-bacterial properties.

Additionally, chlorine bleach leaves a pungent, unpleasant smell that lasts a long. And it is why it can be used to repel cockroaches, as roaches don’t like strong unpleasant odors.

However, we will dive deep into using bleach to kill cockroaches later. First, let’s look at some fantastic properties of chlorine bleach.

Properties Of Bleach:

  • Bleach removes color (whitening) from a fabric thanks to its stain-removing properties.
  • Chlorine bleach is also used to sanitize floors and remove toilet stains along with mold and mildew removal use cases.
  • According to Britannica, bleach works as a disinfectant because of its microbicidal properties, and chlorine, sodium hypochlorite, calcium hypochlorite, and hydrogen peroxide are commonly used as bleaches.

Can Bleach Kill Cockroaches?

Can Bleach Kill Cockroaches

Now, you already know about bleach and its potent properties.

Bleach can indeed repel insects, including cockroaches, with its pungent odor, but does bleach kill cockroaches?

Well, yes, bleach can kill cockroaches. But there are some conditions to be met:

  • The cockroaches need to ingest bleach or
  • You need to drown cockroaches in the bleach solution

However, due to the different chemical compositions, not all bleaches are equally effective in killing cockroaches.

The one type of bleach used for laundry may not be the most effective against cockroaches. For example, regular “bleach” removes colors from fabric, and it is effective in that only.

Also, chlorine bleach is another type used for whites as it can remove almost any color, but it also has unique properties to make you get rid of cockroaches.

How Does Chlorine Bleach Kill Cockroaches?

So, now you may ask if chlorine bleach has the potency to kill cockroaches, then how does this bleach kill cockroaches?

Well, chlorine bleach has chlorine as the main active ingredient.

In nature, chlorine is a toxic gas that can be combined with sodium hydroxide leading to the possibility of controlling when chlorine is released.

To release chlorine, it has to come in contact with the protein. It can include bacteria, mold, fungi, and pests.

When chlorine comes in contact with cells, germs, and pests, it destroys the cells in the organic life, ultimately killing the germs and pests.

Similarly, when chlorine bleach is used for clothes, the release of chlorine breaks apart the color-producing chemical bonds.

How Can Bleach Be Used To Kill Cockroaches?

How Can Bleach Be Used To Kill Cockroaches

There are different ways to repel or kill cockroaches using bleach. Also, using bleach to kill cockroaches does not leave any residue. Therefore, it does not create any mess.

Therefore, it is a great way to kill cockroaches and remain mess-free.

Here are different ways that people use bleach as a roach killer:

By Making Cockroaches Ingest Bleach

If ingested, bleach can kill cockroaches.

But it is tough to make a cockroach consume bleach. Therefore, even if you put it along with the food crumbs or particles, the pungent odor of bleach will still do no good to make roaches eat it.

You may think that if bleach can repel cockroaches, you can use it to prevent infestation. But it doesn’t work that way.

Cockroaches are very clever insects. They don’t come outside from their hiding even if there is slight danger. On top of that, roaches can live without food for several days.

Additionally, cockroaches are nocturnal insects, so they stay more active at nighttime than in daylight.

Therefore, to kill cockroaches with bleach, there must be direct contact with bleach and cockroaches for a prolonged time.

For instance, you need to spray the bleach multiple times until they are dowsed, or the bleach doesn’t thoroughly soak into their bodies.

Only in that way, bleach may kill cockroaches, as making these clever insects eat bleach is a tricky task.

Drowning Cockroaches In Bleach

If you cannot ingest bleach from cockroaches, you can drown them in the bleach solution.

By drowning them in the solution, they will be exposed to bleach for a prolonged time, eventually killing them.

However, killing one cockroach or two will not get the whole job done.

You may already know that if you find a roach in your home, then it is highly likely that there may be hundreds of cockroaches hiding.

Therefore, you can first catch these roaches and dispose of them by drowning them in a bleach solution.

To catch these roaches, you can use several bait traps for cockroaches, or you can also use DIY traps such as sticky traps for catches these tiny insects.

Spraying Bleach On Cockroach Colonies

One of the best ways to get rid of cockroaches is by using bleach spray to destroy cockroach nests or colonies.

However, to do so, you need to look out for cockroach infestation places. And once you get the cockroach colonies, you can spray bottles of bleach solution all over the cockroaches.

It will also kill roach eggs, along with eliminating the cockroach problem.

The spraying method has a higher chance of destroying more cockroaches than making them eat or drown in bleach.

However, one drawback while spraying bleach is that you must be very careful with the other items in the house.

It is because when you begin to spray, roaches will quickly move around, and the spray bleach can damage other items present if the bleach gets on them.

So make sure to do it carefully.

If you spray bleach over the roaches while protecting the other items present, then you will have a higher chance of destroying cockroach colonies with this method.

How To Handle Bleach Safely When Killing Cockroaches?

How To Handle Bleach Safely When Killing Cockroaches

Bleach is a potent compound.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether you use it for laundry purposes or for killing roaches; you must handle it very carefully.

So, here are some safety measures that you should keep in mind while using bleach:

Keep Bleach Away From Children

As said earlier, bleach is a potent, equally harmful agent for cockroaches and us.

Therefore, if you plan to use bleach, keep it away or at a distance from the children, if you have any, in your home.

Also, while spraying cockroaches, keep the spray bottle on to kill bugs and prevent them from damaging your other items.

Don’t Keep Open Containers

Leaving open containers of bleach powder can cause it to oxidize.

However, the risk increases when you have pets or children. For example, bleach with open containers may be mistaken for something else to eat, and pets and children are more prone to this mistake.

Therefore, keep the bleach container tight and away from children and pets.

Take Precautionary Measure While Using

Even as an adult, you should take precautionary measures while using bleach.

Bleach can react with biological tissues and create problems, so it is always a good idea to use gloves and a mask to have all the security measures.

The gloves protect you against bleach contact, while the mask will save you from the strong smell of bleach.


What kills roaches instantly?

To kill cockroaches as instant as within seconds, you can squeeze them with a flat, surfaced object such as a hammer or slippers.

However, other methods to kill roaches are using borax mixed with white table sugar, boric acid, bleach with water, spraying soapy water, and other online insecticide products.

How long does it take for bleach to kill a cockroach?

If you use a bleach powder solution and drown a cockroach, it should take a maximum of a few hours to kill it.

Depending on how resilient the cockroach is, the bleach should kill the insect instantly.

Does Lysol kill roaches?

Yes, Lysol does kill roaches. It does so by suffocating them as Lysol penetrates the spiracles (the breathing area of cockroaches), causing them to choke. And it is how Lysol makes the cockroaches suffocate and die.

Why does bleach attract roaches?

Bleach does not attract roaches, leaving a strong odor that repels bugs from coming near it. It is why despite being a popular method to avoid insects, bleach is not an effective way to kill cockroaches.

How do I get rid of roaches forever?

There is no definite solution that can keep your home free from cockroaches for a lifetime. However, you can surely do certain things like keeping your house, kitchen area, bathroom, and basements clean to reduce any chances of roach infestation taking place.

Does Bleach Kill Roaches? Final Truth!

Does Bleach Kill Roaches

Finally, now you know how does bleach kill cockroaches.

But unfortunately, it is not that effective.

The pungent odor of bleach makes cockroaches avoid the trap even if you put it in their way. And bleach can kill roaches only if they ingest or drown in the solution for a prolonged time

Therefore, practically doing both these things is quite tricky, making bleach a less effective and challenging way to kill roaches.

However, if you somehow find success in looking for a way to pull cockroaches to ingest bleach or drown them somehow in the bleach solution, then, indeed, bleach is one of the easiest ways to kill roaches.

It is because bleach does not create any mess and is readily available in almost every home.

Remember to protect yourself while handling bleach, as it is equally harmful to you.

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