Does Lysol Kill Roaches? The Facts And Results

Does Lysol kill roaches?


Lysol kills roaches, but there’s more to that.

Many house owners fed up with cockroaches and pests always try to find easy and affordable ways to kill these nasty insects.

And it is no wonder you are also thinking about vanishing the whole cockroach colonies with the Lysol only.

But does it kill roaches?

The brief answer is yes, but there’s more to that, which we will discuss today.

So, for all that and more, let’s get started.

How Does Lysol Kill Cockroaches?

Lysol does kill cockroaches.

But before we tell you how Lysol kills cockroaches, you must understand how the roaches breathe.

Unlike humans, who breathe through their nose and mouth, roaches breathe with the spiracles (the holes in their exoskeleton) on their bodies.

And when you spray Lysol on roaches, the Lysol gets stuck to the back of the insects and blocks their respiratory system completely.

Therefore, it becomes hard for the cockroaches to breathe, and eventually, they die due to suffocation.

That means Lysol itself doesn’t have any insecticide or vital ingredient that kills cockroaches instead, its ingredients make the Lysol sticky, which blocks the respiratory path for the insects and makes them die eventually.

However, when it comes to the effectiveness of the Lysol to kill cockroaches, we rate it 5/10.

It is because when you have occasional cockroaches in your house, you can use this method to eliminate them. But if you have a severe cockroach infestation, you might need only help from a professional exterminator.

Can Lysol Be Used To Eliminate A Roach Infestation?

Insecticide has some chemicals that attack the nervous system of the insects and make them die by attacking their internal organs.

However, Lysol doesn’t have any such insecticide component as such.

But Lysol attaches itself to the back of the insects through the openings on the back (also called spiracles) and chokes them to suffocate.

Therefore, Lysol can be used if your house has casual roaches here and there. But Lysol cannot be effective if you have a severe severe cockroach infestation.

Consider opting for other methods such as baits, traps, or calling a professional exterminator for severe infestation.

Lysol Vs Insecticides For Roaches: Which Is Best?

Do you want to know which is the best? Lysol or insecticide?

Well, the answer is both.

Let me explain:

Lysol and insecticides have their advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it entirely depends on the severity of the roach infestation and the personal preference you want to use.


If you are like me and want a quick and affordable option to kill cockroaches in your home, then Lysol is a great option.

It also makes you avoid introducing harmful chemicals to your home, which can be dangerous to your children and pets.

Therefore, if you have a small roach infestation in your house, you can use the Lysol method to eliminate it.


Here are some of the pros of the Lysol method to kill roaches.

  • Kills by suffocating cockroaches and without using harsh chemicals or insecticides
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Affordable


  • Not effective for severe roach infestation
  • It can work for small roach infestations only


Insecticides, on the other hand, are more effective than Lysol as they are specifically made for dealing with such insects in the home.

But also contain chemicals that may possess potential health risks and environmental concerns.

However, if you are facing extreme roach infestation, using insecticide or getting help from a professional exterminator are the best options.


  • Works excellently for eliminating cockroaches and other insects in the house
  • Suitable for severe roach infestation
  • Indeed, it eliminates the roaches from the house


  • Uses harmful chemicals that may not be suitable for children or pets in the house
  • Environmental concerns

What Should I Use: Lysol Or Insecticide?

Now you know the pros and cons of both popular methods to kill cockroaches in the house.

Therefore, we recommend choosing the appropriate option according to your needs and requirements.

For instance, if I had to opt for either option, I would first consider factors such as the severity of roach infestation.

That means if I could count the number of roaches and they are manageable, then Lysol would be my preferred choice.

However, on the other hand, if the infestation is severe and there are colonies of roaches that cannot be managed with Lysol, I would surely opt for insecticides to get rid of them ASAP.

You also have to consider that having roaches in the home leads to many health issues. So, taking quick action when you have spotted roaches should proceed.

What Types of Lysol Kill Cockroaches?

Lysol is a registered brand that makes disinfectant products.

Therefore, Lysol is a company name that makes Lysol disinfectant spray.

Hence, you will find several Lysol products, such as:

  • Wipes
  • Bleaches
  • Disinfectant concentrates
  • Laundry sanitizers
  • Power toilet bowl cleaners
  • Multi-purpose cleaners
  • Antiseptic sprays

So, now, if there are these many Lysol products, you might be wondering whether all the Lysol products kill roaches.

Well, no, only the Lysol antiseptic spray works in killing cockroaches and keeping them at bay.

Therefore, when choosing Lysol, pick the right product while looking for disinfectants.

Can Lysol Kill Small Roaches And Bed Bugs?

Lysol can quickly kill insects that have open respiratory openings.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter where you spray. If the insect has open respiratory openings, then Lysol can cause blockage and kill them due to suffocation.

In case of bed bugs as well, Lysol can be effective in killing these tiny insects.

Like roaches, when Lysol is spread on the bed bugs, it sticks to their spiracles and suffocates them to death.

However, the effectiveness of Lysol for killing bugs may vary according to the size of the bugs and other factors (such as how much time they are exposed to the Lysol spray).

Does Lysol Spray Kill Cockroach Eggs?

No clear study can prove that Lysol spray can kill cockroach eggs.

However, many house owners believe using Lysol can also effectively kill cockroach eggs. The Lysol has an alcohol concentration, which dissolves the eggs’ outer layer and destroys it before it even hatches.

Is Lysol Better Than Insecticides?

It depends.

Whether you use Lysol or insecticide, your ultimate goal is to kill roaches and keep them away from your house.

Therefore, depending on your house’s roach infestation, you can use either.

But calling Lysol better than insecticide will not be right. This is because insecticides are made with chemicals to kill insects and cockroaches.

On the other side, Lysol is made for other household purposes.

However, people often use Lysol to kill roaches quickly if they are out of insecticides. However, using insecticides works efficiently regarding severe roach infestation problems.

Will Lysol Solve All Of My Roach-Related Problems?

It all depends on how many roach-related problems you have.

For instance, if your house only has a few roaches, you can try easy methods like using Lysol or other natural roach repellents like essential oils.

However, on the other hand, if you have a severe roach problem, then Lysol cannot solve this issue.

You have to understand that Lysol is not an insecticide. Therefore, it doesn’t contain the chemicals that insecticides have to kill cockroaches and other bugs.

You can choose the solution depending on your house’s roach problems.

Also, getting help from a professional exterminator in case of severe infestation is fine but may be costly and hassle-free. But it is worth it if your house has extreme levels of roach and other bug infestations.

Are Generic Brands As Effective as Lysol at Killing Roaches?

Generic brands may be as effective as Lysol if you know the ingredients to look for while purchasing.

It is entirely okay to opt for a generic brand to save money

We recommend you check for these two ingredients if you opt for a generic brand to kill roaches in your house.

  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Ethanol

A compound (benzalkonium) is also needed to stick to the cockroaches’ skin to kill them, which is less likely to be found in low-cost sprays.

Still, the mentioned two main ingredients will help kill cockroaches and keep them at bay.

Therefore, as long as these two ingredients are available in the generic brand, you are good to purchase the same.

However, it is also a fact that some lower-quality sprays do not have a minimum of 70% alcohol needed for killing roaches. So, you also need to look for the quantity of the active ingredients in that.

Once you have a spray that meets all these criteria, you are good for spraying on the cockroach colonies. Let Lysol kill roaches, then.

Is Using Lysol More Cost-Effective Than Buying Regular Roach Treatment?

Yes, to some extent.

Lysol is an excellent method for killing roaches and even destroying their eggs.

The alcohol in the Lysol dries the eggs until no moisture is left; thus, the eggs do not survive such treatment.

Apart from this, Lysol also has a strong smell that makes other roaches hate it even more, thus staying away from the sprayed area.

Even the smell of Lysol is so strong that it can overpower the other smelly things in the house, such as garbage can, leftover food, etc.

And as the roaches are not picky eaters. They eat anything. Therefore, you have to spray on all of the areas where you know that these insects will possibly show up.

That means you have to spray in all of the corners and hiding spots of the house so that you can make the most out of your Lysol spray.

The Lysol kills the roaches when it comes in contact with them and kills them. At least with a strong odor, it keeps them away from the sprayed area.

Therefore, one can say that Lysol is more cost-effective than buying regular roach control treatment in case of a small roach problem or infestation.

However, if your house already has a severe roach problem, you must go for a professional exterminator to eliminate it.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Using Lysol for Roaches

Using Lysol is easy.

But to make the most out of this spray, you need to keep these things in mind before using it:

  1. Check the label to ensure the Lysol is the mentioned ingredient.
  2. Do not touch your face, eyes, or mouth after using Lysol.
  3. Make sure not to inhale excessive amounts of Lysol.
  4. Wash your hands immediately after spraying Lysol in your house.
  5. Make sure to keep the children and pets away from Lysol. Do not spray Lysol in the areas where pets and children are present. You can first move them out and then use Lysol.

How To Use Lysol Spray?

Using Lysol spray is very easy.

However, to use the Lysol spray effectively and get the most out of it, ensure you follow certain things.

Therefore, to help you, here is the step-by-step method on how to use Lysol spray to kill roaches:

Locating The Highlight Area

Before jumping straight to the spray step, make sure first to identify and locate the areas where you find cockroaches more often. Also, ensure the located area is in the range of the spray.


Once you have found the area where you want to spray the Lysol, you can start shaking the spray bottle. It is done to ensure the ingredients get active and then hold the spray 18 inches away from the cockroaches.


Aim on the cockroaches and spray directly at the insect. Spray it thoroughly and target the head and thorax area for maximum results.

The purpose should be to make the Lysol come into contact with the roach.

Wait For The Roach To Die

Many house owners who fear cockroaches want to spray the Lysol and run away quickly.

However, running immediately away after spraying Lysol will not get the work done. Therefore, you must wait a few minutes until the cockroach is dead.

It should take only a few minutes, as Lysol can instantly kill roaches.

Clean Up

Clean the residue once the roach is dead, as a dead roach can invite more roaches there. You should use a paper towel to clean up the remaining residue (if there is any) and discard it in the trash.

Note: Lysol is harmful to humans and pets if ingested or inhaled in larger quantities; therefore, you must use it cautiously.

Alternatives To Lysol Spray

Lysol has its advantages and disadvantages, but if you are someone who prefers going for natural methods or other alternatives to it, then here are some of these:

Natural Roach Killers

Even it is proved in studies as well that essential oils like eucalyptus, rosemary, peppermint, or oregano oils are natural roach repellent and can even kill them.

Therefore, it can be a great alternative to Lysol. Moreover, you can also opt for roach baits, roach traps which are easily available in the market.

Professional Exterminator

Although this method is expensive, it is only recommended when your house has extreme roach infestation.

FAQs About Lysol Kill Roaches

Why can’t roaches survive Lysol?

Roaches breathe from their spiracles at the exoskeleton. Even though roaches can survive while their head is detached, they cannot live without breathing.

When Lysol is sprayed, the Lysol sticks to the exoskeleton of the cockroaches and makes them suffocate to die eventually.

How long does Lysol take to kill roaches?

There is no clear study or research about how much time Lysol kills roaches, but it is estimated that anywhere between 24 to 48 hours is required to make roaches die with Lysol.

Will Lysol spray keep roaches away?

Cockroaches hate any strong smell. Therefore, if Lysol has a strong smell, it can help you keep roaches away from your house.

But you should spread the Lysol in the focus areas where roaches accumulate more or appear more often.

What cleaner kills roaches?

If you want a basic yet effective solution to kill roaches, simple soapy water, and a cleaning agent can help you eliminate roaches.

However, you must keep roaches in soapy water for as long as possible; only then will it effectively kill the insects.

Due to its low chance of killing roaches, it is not recommended in case of severe cockroaches. However, you can try this method if your house has only a few roaches.

Will Lysol spray kill bugs?

When Lysol is sprayed on the bugs or cockroaches, it sticks to the outer skeleton of the insects and thus makes them suffocate by blocking the spiracles.

Therefore, Lysol surely helps kill bugs, male roaches, and any kind of roach species.

Final Thoughts: Does Lysol Kill Roaches?

Lysol is a quick and easy way to eliminate a few cockroaches in the house. This DIY method to kill cockroaches works quite efficiently if used correctly.

However, Lysol can be harmful to pets and children if inhaled or ingested in larger quantities. Therefore, make sure to use this method with complete caution.

Moreover, if you want to use the natural method to get rid of the cockroaches in the home, you can check out our detailed guide on natural ways to kill cockroaches.

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