How To Get The Roaches Out Of Microwave?

Roaches in the microwave can be the worst nightmare for a homeowner.

But how do you get roaches out of a microwave?

You may think of removing the cockroaches with pesticide or chemical spray, but it will ruin the microwave and cause an electrical fire.

So, what’s the solution?

In brief, you may want to use dust or bait traps to lure the cockroaches first from the appliance.

Once cockroaches are out of the microwave, deep clean them to remove the remaining grease and food debris with fresh lemon to make them a better place for food items.

Therefore, in today’s guide, we’ll discuss the essential steps that one must take to get cockroaches out of the microwave.

Let’s get started.

Do Cockroaches Live in Microwaves?

You might find it surprising that cockroaches can live even in the microwave.

Well, the answer to that is yes. These tiny insects can live anywhere where they can find food and water.

Usually, these cockroaches prefer their hiding spot where darkness and warmth are present.

And a microwave is the perfect place where cockroaches can find food and warmth.

Also, the microwave placed in the kitchen is the place from where the water source is also easily accessible, making it an ideal place for tiny insects to hide.

On top of that, when microwaves are rarely cleaned, leading to the building up of food debris, it is an ideal place where cockroaches will be more likely to hang out.

Additionally, cockroaches find microwaves so perfect that they even lay their eggs inside the appliance.

Some commonly found cockroaches, such as American, German, and brown-banded cockroaches, often infest microwaves inside homes.

How Do Roaches Get Inside The Microwave?

Another common question is how these tiny insects get into an electrical appliance.

Well, that is pretty easy for insects like cockroaches.

And cockroaches have an incredible gift of scurrying fast, climbing, and escaping from death.

Roaches get inside the microwave by crawling to it. Cockroaches can climb vertically, sideways, and upside down.

However, it is also true that it doesn’t matter whether it is your oven, toaster, fried, rice cooker, stove, or anything else. Roaches need to look for their food.

If any appliance has what these nasty insects want, they will hang out in that place only.

Also, cockroaches can eat anything they find. And that is why the kitchen is a more special area for cockroaches to come often and find what they want.

How Long Can A Cockroach Survive In A Microwave?

As you may be aware, cockroaches can quickly enter into the microwave. Therefore, you might ask why these insects don’t die in that.

Well, the answer is that some parts remain cool even while used for cooking food.

The radiation from the microwave comes from a magnetron, which is located on one side of the oven.

However, not every part of the microwave heats up. Some parts stay cool while being used, and cockroaches seek these places to hide.

Therefore, when the microwave is used, cockroaches flee to the cold parts until they can come out and eat the leftover food crumbs or debris.

Another common reason cockroaches survive in the most microwave radiation is their body and biological system have fewer water molecules, which makes them withstand radiation exposure.

It is why, in the long-term, cockroaches don’t have any damage while hiding near or in the microwave, and they quickly access the food from there as well.  

Can Cockroaches Damage A Microwave?

Yes, cockroaches easily damage the microwave.

Cockroaches produce secretions from the mouth and their body glands.

According to Salivary Gland of the Cockroach, these tiny insects not only spread protozoal, bacterial, and viral diseases but also corrode the microwave’s internal electrical parts.

This is more likely to happen if you do not clean your microwave regularly and have had a cockroach infestation for a long time.

On top of that, due to long-term infestation, these roaches also produce feces, eggs, and other organic matter (such as dead cockroaches), hindering the functioning of microwaves properly.

Even the worst part of having cockroaches inside a microwave is that they can cause electrical fires.

As said earlier, cockroaches can eat anything, and therefore, in the absence of food, they can even chew the wires, leading to damaging them. And not to mention, it only takes one spark from a damaged wire to lead into a fire.

It is especially a point of care when flammable substances are near the microwave.

That is why, if you notice a cockroach in your microwave, do not leave it as it is. However, prefer to check the appliance deeply for how many roaches are there.

Once you find the quantity of cockroaches, prepare to deal with them instantly to avoid further damage to your appliance.

How To Clean And Get Rid Of Cockroaches From Your Microwave?

First, examine your microwave and discover how many roaches are hiding there.

And if it is a pretty long time for roaches to be present there, you might need to clean your appliance deeply.

In summary, you will need to:

  • First, clean the dirt in your microwave and then check for any wire or component damage.
  • Clean the microwave deeply by unplugging it from the switch

However, cleaning a microwave if it is affected by roach infestation is not simple.

So, let’s have a step-by-step guide on cleaning and removing cockroaches from your microwave.

Step 1: Bring On The Equipment

Before jumping into the action step, bring this equipment to completely clean the microwave.

  • New clean sponge
  • Dishtowel
  • Vinegar
  • Lemon juice squeezed

Step 2: Safety Measures

Ensure you haven’t used the microwave recently, as the internal parts may still be somewhat.

Then unplug the microwave from the socket so that there is no risk to you.

Step 3: Prepare Vinegar Or Lemon Juice

Prepare a microwave-safe bowl with either lemon juice or vinegar. You can even use dish soap, water, and microwave for 2 to 5 minutes.

Step 4: Let It Sit

Let it sit for 5 minutes so the steam can work and decrease or remove the hard-dried particles.

Step 5: Wipe Down Microwave

Now, this is the main step. Wipe the microwave with a towel and leave the door to air dry.

However, these are the basic steps to clean the microwave. But if your appliance has a severe roach infestation, you might need to clean it deep.

Here’s how you can deep clean your microwave to eliminate cockroaches instantly.

Wiping Cockroaches With Advanced Steps

You might need to use advanced steps such as cockroach spray for severe roach infestation in your microwave.

Even though we do not recommend using it as a first step in case of severe infestation, you might have to do it, but we’ll tell you to do it with all preventive measures so that you can wipe cockroaches efficiently from your microwave.

Step 1: Get A Disinfectant Cleaning Agent

Buy a disinfectant cleaning agent that consists of bleach. Now, spray this inside the microwave thoroughly.

Also, let this spray sit in the microwave for a while. You should keep the spray for at least 10 minutes.

Once you have cleaned your microwave, move to step 2.

Step 2: Use Insect-Killing Solution

After cleaning the microwave, use the anti-roach cleaning solution heavily into the microwave.

However, keep the microwave outside your house for about an hour. This is an essential step to kill the cockroaches hiding inside the oven.

Step 3: Wipe Off Roaches

After spraying the anti-cockroach spray, the roaches are more likely to come outside the appliance.

Now wipe off the cockroaches that appear and apply the cleaning agent you have used before.

So, after cleaning and wiping off cockroaches from the microwave, you can keep the microwave oven inside your house.

But ensure you clean thoroughly and eliminate smells before using your food items.

How To Keep Cockroaches Away from Microwave Ovens?

As you have removed cockroaches from the microwave, it is time not to let that happen again.

To keep cockroaches away from the microwave oven, you need to get a habit of regular cleaning.

Apart from that, there are many other tips that you can follow, such as:

  • Keep the microwave door closed all the time. Do not hurry to grab your food and leave it open for inviting roaches.
  • Do not forget to leave the uneaten food inside the microwave oven. You can keep the uneaten food in your fridge or move it to the bin if not required.
  • Also, wipe away all the crumbs, and do not forget to clean underneath the glass tray.
  • If you face roach infestation more often, you can use natural methods to keep cockroaches at bay. Essential oils like eucalyptus, oregano, rosemary, etc., are some of the best natural ways to keep cockroaches away from your microwave and kitchen.

A most important pest control tip is frequently cleaning your microwave with a damp cloth. It is to ensure no food is left around or in the oven so that it can not invite cockroaches.

Why Should You Get Rid Of Cockroaches In Your Microwave Instantly?

It is a no-brainer that cockroaches are nasty insects and carry various diseases along with them.

Therefore, the obvious answer is to keep basic sanitation and hygiene in your kitchen.

These tiny insects contaminate your food and can even get you allergies.

Specific to microwave ovens, these roaches can contaminate food and leave bacteria on your food items.

In extreme cases, cockroaches can chew the wires and damage the internal components, leading to electrical fire.

Therefore, considering food safety, health problems, and appliance concerns, you must eliminate cockroaches in your microwave and the whole kitchen.

How to Prevent Roaches in Microwave?

As you have followed the step-by-step guide on how to get rid of cockroaches in the microwave, you should also consider the guide on how to prevent cockroaches so that they do not infest your oven or other kitchen appliances in the future.

Here’s how you can do that:

Cleaning Microwave Regularly

A great habit to keep cockroaches away not only from your microwave oven but also from your kitchen and home is to clean the oven regularly.

Not cleaning your oven is the root cause of inviting cockroaches and other insects.

Therefore, ensure no leftover food crumbs or pieces are in the microwave after use.

A good thumb for cleaning the microwave is by wiping down the microwave with a damp cloth or sponge once a day or after every three uses.

If you follow this precaution step, you can significantly reduce the chances of cockroach infestation.

Using Natural Repellents

I also do not like using chemicals inside the house.

You should also avoid using chemicals in the first step, especially when you have children and pets inside the house.

Therefore, the best way is to use natural repellents.

These natural repellents keep roaches at bay and do not cause chemical harm.

Essential oils like eucalyptus, rosemary, and oregano are some of the preferred essential oils.

You can use them as a spray or soak some cotton balls in the oil. Then, place them in the focus area (where roaches tend to come more often).

Natural ingredients like bay leaves, mint plants, and garlic also work great to keep these tiny insects at bay.

Avoid Leaving Food In The Microwave Overnight

You leave food overnight in the microwave – it becomes a party for the cockroaches.

Along with the regular cleaning habit, you should also have this habit of removing any leftover food immediately after use.

If you forgot to remove the food item from your microwave, clean the microwave deep the next day.

Some other important precautionary steps are:

  1. Do not store food in the microwave. Always keep the food in the fridge for storing purposes.
  2. Keep the microwave door closed all the time.
  3. Check for any damage to the oven, such as door rubber, and replace the part if it is broken.
  4. Keeping the microwave in an open space instead of a corner is also a good practice to avoid cockroach infestation.

How Do You Get Rid Of The Cockroach Smell In The Microwave?

Even though you can get rid of cockroaches from microwaves by following the mentioned steps and methods.

But if roaches have been in the appliance for quite a while, you might have to face the bad smell of roaches in your microwave.

So, how do you remove that nasty cockroach smell from the microwave?

It’s easy! Hear me out:

First, you need to understand why the smell is coming.

The primary reason is that roaches might have poop and shed their skin (yes, cockroaches also shed their skin to become an adult from nymphs).

Other reasons include dead roaches, feces, eggs, food spills, etc.

On top of that, thanks to the microwave for trapping the cockroach smell like it traps the heat.

But the good news is that you can eliminate that nasty smell. You must have to deep cleanse your microwave for that.

To do so, you can follow these methods:

  1. First, get the microwave in an outdoor or open space where you can dismantle it (if needed).
  2. Then, put a small box of baking soda inside the microwave (of course, when you are not using it). The baking soda paste will likely soak the roaches’ smell like a sponge.
  3. Keep the door of the microwave open for a while. It will help in ventilating the scent.
  4. You can even use soapy water to clean the microwave if you want it thoroughly.
  5. For the upcoming few days, build a habit of cleaning the microwave at least once daily and not leaving any food leftovers in the oven.
  6. You can also spray essential oils (as essential oils have a pleasant odor and repelling power for cockroaches). But make sure not to spray the essential oil inside the microwave.

After doing the mentioned steps, the odor issue should be clear. However, if the nasty cockroach smells, you can move to clean the microwave from the inside.

But we recommend you get this done by a professional instead of opening and cleaning the parts yourself.

Doing it yourself may pose a safety hazard, or you may even destroy the machine.

That is why we recommend you only get the microwave cleaning done by a professional.

How Do I Get Rid Of Cockroaches Inside The Microwave Door?

Cockroaches are tiny insects; therefore, they can easily fit into any hole or crevice.

Therefore, if a cockroach is hidden inside your microwave door, it might be tough to get rid of them.

These tiny insects hide in the space between the plastic or steel housing that makes the oven door.

And as the door is not removable, you must use some cleaner to eliminate them.

But before using any harmful spray, we recommend using essential oils to repel them.

The strong smell of essential oil makes the cockroach uncomfortable and will surely make it escape from hiding.

Again, do not spray the essential oil inside the oven. Instead, use the cotton ball method. Just soak some cotton balls and place them nearest the insect hiding.

Additionally, you can pair the essential oil method with a cockroach bait. The bait includes something that will attract the insect, and they will likely come out of hiding.

On top of that, the bait might consist of some poison that will eventually kill the roach. Therefore, keep the bait out of reach of children and pets (if you have one) in your house.

FAQs About Cockroaches In Microwave

Why are there roaches in my microwave?

Cockroaches want food, water, and shelter. A microwave in the kitchen is where these tiny insects can easily find food and shelter.

Also, as not all microwave parts get heated while used, cockroaches easily hide in such places.

How do you get roaches out of appliances?

One of the quick ways to get roaches out of appliances is by using compressed or pressured air to blow the pesky roaches back out of appliances such as computers, microwaves, and other stuff in your home.

You can even use pressured air to remove insects from furniture, corners, etc.

What to do if my kitchen is infested with roaches?

The kitchen is one of the ideal and most common places to be infested by cockroaches. You cannot even rely on the chemical sprays as you might not want to contaminate your food.

Therefore, the best way to eliminate cockroach infestation from your kitchen is to use natural roach repellents, roach baits, and other natural ways to kill cockroaches, such as baking powder and soda.

You can even prefer our detailed guide on how to get rid of cockroaches naturally.

Can cockroaches live in kitchen appliances?

Cockroaches can live anywhere they can find food, water, and perfect shelter for laying eggs.

As per kitchen appliances, cockroaches can easily live there without any issues.

The kitchen is one of the most ideal and common places for cockroaches to infest and live, as they can easily access food, water, and shelter.

Can I spray raid in a microwave?

No, we do not recommend spraying raid spray or any chemical-based product in the microwave. Not only may it be harmful to the electronics part of the appliance, but it can also contaminate your food, so you should avoid using raid spray inside the microwave in the first step.

Verdict: How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches In Microwave Oven

Cockroaches are disgusting insects. They carry various diseases, allergic elements, bacteria, and pathogens.

Therefore, remove cockroaches; having them in your house is like inviting illness. Hence, you should get rid of cockroaches ASAP.

When cockroaches are in your microwave, it becomes more important for you to take quick action to eliminate them and make your oven bacteria-free to use again.

And hopefully, to eradicate cockroaches from microwaves, the above-shared information will help you.

Moreover, if you are facing a severe infestation by cockroaches, you can read our guide to know what to do next.

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