What do cockroaches eat?

Which foods consume cockroaches? Cockroaches are one of the most sustained insects. They can consume nearly everything and can endure some of the roughest environments.

Most people will become terrified upon seeing cockroaches. If you’re wondering what they eat, you might be shocked by some of the foods on the cockroaches’ list.

How Do Roaches Eat?

Roaches consume by biting and chewing since they lack mandibular mouthparts. Cockroaches have mouthparts that can bite through thin paper and plastic. On the other hand, bed bugs have mouthpieces that can puncture and suck.

The most prevalent bugs in New York City include the American, oriental, and german varieties. Therefore, it’s crucial to wrap all food products in thick plastic if you reside in a metropolis. Another suggestion is to store all food in the refrigerator while addressing the roach issue.

What Draws Roaches in? – A List of Foods Roaches Enjoy Eating

A roach will eat nearly anything in its role as a scavenger. These are a handful of the things that these bugs might consume. However, some of them might surprise you. Just because something isn’t on this list doesn’t necessarily indicate that cockroaches won’t eat it.

Bed Bugs

Are cockroaches consuming bed bugs? Many people are unaware of the fact that roaches are voracious eaters and would happily chow down on smaller insects like bed bugs. It’s crucial to realize that roaches cannot be relied upon to eradicate bed bugs effectively.

For them to significantly reduce your bed bug population, you would first need to have a rather bad roach infestation. Second, roaches will devour your food and other home things because they are not selective eaters.

You do not want roaches as a nuisance in your home since they carry several diseases. Cockroaches are often not a good choice for bed bug control because of this. Remember that bed bugs are typically insects that, to the untrained eye, resemble cockroaches.

Cookie Crumbs

Cookie Crumbs

Roaches will most likely gather close to where cookies are kept or consumed if you have them in your home. Cockroaches are drawn to the sweetness and high caloric content of cookie crumbs.

Roaches may consume almost anything, but they enjoy diets heavy in sugar and fat. Insects can get the nutrition they need from cookie crumbs to live and reproduce.

Cleaning up crumbs right away is crucial if you have a roach infestation. To stop roaches from taking up residence in your home, store cookies in airtight containers and perform frequent vacuuming.

Cat Litter

Biodegradable substances, including corn, paper, and wheat, are used to make some types of cat litter. These biodegradable litter items all have the potential to draw roaches. If you have a roach problem, consider switching to a silica-based litter. Clay or silica kitty litter is not edible to cockroaches.

Animal Poop

Because roaches are interested in cat litter, they will also consume dog and cat waste. You must clean the litter box every time your cat uses it.

Cat waste will draw roaches to the litter if it is left in the litter box. When these roaches go from the cat waste to your worktops, they spread disease and create unclean circumstances.

If your dog poop on your property, you must bag the waste immediately to prevent roaches from being attracted to it. Additionally, if your pet uses wee pads inside the house, you must clean them frequently to prevent roaches from becoming attracted to them.

Food Spills

Food Spills

Cockroaches are nocturnal. Therefore, they come out at night to look for food. Make sure to clean underneath and behind all of your appliances every evening before you go to bed. Whatever the size of the food spill, it will provide a roach with a lot of food.

I once passed some people who were collecting crabs while strolling. American roaches, which fed on the crabs, had taken over the entire area.

Roaches are not fussy eaters, so they will remain if they discover a plentiful food supply. They prefer to be able to lay their eggs close to a lot of food.


There is a significant probability that a cockroach may discover and begin to eat a tomato if it is left out on the counter.

Roaches are scavengers. Therefore, leftover food or pieces of fruit attract them. Roaches can devour other fruits and vegetables in addition to tomatoes.

So it’s advisable to refrain from keeping any food out in the open if you want to keep your house free of roaches.


One of the fruits that are frequently left on a tabletop is apples. Though roaches are certainly crawling all over your apples while you sleep if you have a roach problem.

Roaches also enjoy sweet meals like apple pie and apple cakes. To keep cockroaches away from any apple-based delicacies, make sure to seal them properly.



Roaches will have a feast if you order pizza and leave the crumbs or even a few pieces in the box. Pizza leftovers should never be left out on the counter overnight; instead, they should be frozen.

According to research, male roaches prefer a diet heavy on carbohydrates. According to the study, ingesting more carbohydrates causes them to generate more pheromones. In turn, this draws additional females and keeps the population healthy.

Cockroaches carry diseases on their feet. To avoid having them crawl on your leftover pizza as you sleep, dispose of it in the trash.


Are you aware that roaches will consume soap? They can eat soap in your bathroom if you have those enormous American Roaches crawling up through your drains. Even soap scum will suffice to keep them alive.

When there aren’t many other food options available, cockroaches often eat soap, glue, and paper. As a result, it’s generally a good idea to avoid using soap bars if you think roaches are entering your home through your drains. It is unclean to use soap that has been walked on and consumed by roaches.

German Cockroaches

What do German Cockroaches Eat?

What do German Cockroaches Eat

As nocturnal scavengers, they will crawl around your kitchen looking for food crumbs. They can eat food that is not contained in an airtight container and can chew through paper.

Numerous of our clients mistake roaches for different bugs. Find out here what makes a baby roach different from a bed bug.

German cockroaches consume various foods, including meats, fruits, fats, sweets, and more. Any food items you leave out overnight will become contaminated by them.

What Is It Called When German Cockroaches Feed on Feces?

The term for it is facultative coprophagy. Roaches are drawn to their own and other cockroaches’ feces via aggregation pheromones. The Colby Schal entomology lab at NCSU claims that newly hatched roaches will consume roach dung for their initial few meals. Other cockroaches are attracted to the cockroach feces due to the gut bacteria.

Have you ever seen cockroaches in your dreams? Here is what it means!

American Roaches

What do American Cockroaches Eat?

What do American Cockroaches Eat

American cockroaches are one of the most common cockroach species in the world and will consume nearly anything. In a few crucial areas, they differ from German cockroaches.

The enormous American cockroaches have wings, but they prefer to run. Additionally, they are more frequently found outside, near sewers and basement drain. But like German cockroaches, American cockroaches are scavengers and will eat almost anything. This includes other cockroaches, rubbish, leftover pizza crusts, dead animals, and roach dung. The albino roach will consume other roach dung while it is undergoing a change.

American cockroaches tend to congregate around compost piles and garbage cans because they enjoy fermenting foods very much.

Getting rid of American cockroaches as soon as possible is crucial if you have them in your home. Unfortunately, they can contaminate your food and spread sickness. Contacting a pest control expert is the greatest move to do if you don’t know how to get rid of American cockroaches.

There is no typical cockroach diet. They even eat dirty clothes which contain food on them. as many ask, do Cockroaches eat clothes?

Wood Roaches

What Do Tree Roaches Eat?

What Do Tree Roaches Eat

Dying trees, decomposing leaves, and occasionally wood are all consumed by wood roaches. They are not drawn to kitchens like other cockroaches because they do not consume food leftovers like the American and German roaches, check more about wood roaches vs cockroaches!

You might want to tidy up and get rid of any large mounds of old wood or leaves you have lying around your home. Such things could entice wood bugs to your house. Can baking soda kill cockroaches?


Do Roaches Eat Through Plastic?

Roaches may eat through the thin plastic because they need to bite and chew with their mouthparts.

Do Cockroaches Eat Wood?

Yes, there are wood roaches that resemble American cockroaches greatly, and that can consume wood. They eat dead trees, heaps of wood, and decomposing plant matter to survive.

Is It Safe to Eat Eggs That Were in a Carton With Roaches?

Any bacteria that the roaches leave behind will be eliminated by boiling. Here’s what to do if you’re going to crack eggs and cook with raw eggs:

After breaking the egg into the pan, wash your hands before touching anything. Or, to put it another way, wash your hands thoroughly several times after handling the raw eggshell where the roaches were found.

Making hard-boiled eggs is the greatest option if you find roaches in an egg carton. You can boil and sterilize the outer eggshell by doing this. Please don’t put the raw eggshell on surfaces; instead, throw it away immediately.

Do Cockroaches Eat Each Other?

Cockroaches do really devour anything they can because they are opportunistic eaters. Other cockroaches are included in this! Another cockroach will not think twice about eating a dying or dead cockroach.

Do Roaches Like Peanut Butter?

Indeed, they enjoy the sugar and oil included in most peanut butter. If you have children, take additional cleaning steps because roaches may survive on a little fingerprint of peanut butter.

Kids often get peanut butter on their hands, giving roaches many opportunities to feed. Simply remember that roaches can survive by eating oily or sticky fingerprints.

Do Cockroaches Eat Hair?

Cockroaches can consume hair, but it is not one of their preferred meals. A roach will select the cookie over eating hair if you offer it the option.

If no other food sources are available, roaches may be drawn to your hair if you use oily hair products.

Do Cockroaches Eat Paper?

Roaches can lay their eggs and devour the glue in those paper grocery bags with adhesive on the bottom.

Contacting a pest control expert is the greatest move to do if you don’t know how to get rid of American cockroaches. If you spray an insect with a potent salt water solution, salt can dehydrate the insect. However, using a basic pest control technique to eliminate a roach infestation is not quick enough.

Do Roaches Eat Dog Food?

Yes, roaches have been known to consume dog food, among other things. The high fat and protein composition of most dog foods attract cockroaches.

It is unhygienic and unsafe for your dog to have bugs in its feeding bowl. First, make sure the food is kept in a container that can be sealed.

Because roaches are drawn to the fragrance of food, sealing the food will help deter them. Feed your dog meals at regular intervals rather than free-feeding them, and store any food they don’t finish in an airtight container.

They are not picky eaters, and that’s why they are able to live long as cockroaches eat pet food, dead insects, greasy foods, and human food.

Can You Eat a Cockroach?

Cockroaches grown for food are indeed safe to consume. On the other hand, a bug that crawled out of your sewer is not something you want to eat. Cockroaches produced on farms and deep-fried in oil are a common food in Thailand.

Do Roaches Like Honey?

Honey is one of the many things that roaches will consume. They prefer to eat foods they can chew since they have to bite and chew mouthparts. A cockroach would pick the apple over the honey if given a chance.

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