Why do Cockroaches Exist? – Things to Know

If I were asked to name one insect that everybody dislikes, it would likely be cockroaches. Most people hate them, and their simple presence makes a person uneasy, but most still wonder why cockroaches exist.

We send professional cockroach exterminators into the caves and pits to kill many of them. These precautions are essential even though cockroaches are not in our households.

But even so, as pest control techniques improve, one may think about the implications of killing thousands of roaches daily. Moreover, out of more than 4,000 cockroach species, only four are bothersome to us humans. A large percentage stay away from human populations.

You can kill the home invaders without feeling bad, but roaches have supported the planet and ecosystem.

What happens after this? Why do roaches exist on this earth, and can we live without cockroaches? In the worst-case scenario, roaches actively intrude on human life.

Why do Cockroaches Exist?

According to psychologists, some people are super scared to get up from bed at night or walk into the kitchen worrying about having to confront a cockroach.

And it does not stop here; I was once stuck in a hotel room since one of the cockroaches was seated on the door knob. “I couldn’t move because I was helpless,” and I was required to keep it in my sights.

But wait, do you know the purpose of cockroaches’ existence on this planet? If you are dealing with a cockroach infestation, we humans might question the reason roaches serve in our lives. They seem to have no significant role. So let’s dive deep into the crucial role of these creepy and crawly insects in our lives and this world.

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Do Cockroaches have a Purpose in the Environment?

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Cockroaches serve as Decomposers.

Cockroaches serve as Decomposers.

Most commonly, cockroaches are thought of being sturdy eaters. A crawler cockroach is ready to eat everything, even kitchen food scraps and organic waste, including hair and skin cells. But this wasn’t intended merely to irritate people.

Roaches often spend their time ingesting a wide variety of rotting waste, such as other animals’ waste, degrading plant material, decaying organic matter, and waste, including feces.

Hundreds of millions of organic wastes are discarded in garbage, drainage systems, and trash cans every year on this earth. The world today might not be as wonderful if it weren’t for decomposers and other insects.

Various animals and insects also perform this critical role. However, cockroaches are a powerful contributor due to their endurance and phenomenal numbers.

You can most often discover them in woodland locations where nitrogenous matter can quickly accumulate. This trash would be allowed to decay untreated without bugs and roaches.

Cockroaches play a Crucial part in the Food Chain.

Cockroaches play a Crucial part in the Food Chain

Although roaches appear immune to harm, some animals depend on them for food. They are preyed upon by mice, rats, reptiles, and birds.

Most animals and pests also obtain food sources in other ways. Additionally, roaches provide fiber, protein, and other important elements. Furthermore, cockroaches provide a reliable and secure food source due to their large population and other species.

Rats, mice, birds, pets, and other reptile creatures would starve if these food chain roaches disappeared from this world.

Do you want to know how? The subsequent creatures in line will starve with those animals eliminated. For instance, many animals like bird species and reptiles like lizards won’t survive without rats.

What’s more, some pests rely solely on cockroaches for survival. Among these are parasitic wasps, which feed exclusively on cockroach eggs. The parasitic wasp’s body shape, habits, and instincts are all developed to eat cockroaches.

Parasitic wasps would become endangered if roaches disappeared. Parasitic wasps can cause a whole other shockwave in the natural environment, potentially up to humans.

Roaches help Regulate the Nitrogen Cycle.

Should I kill cockroaches? No, You may not be aware, but cockroaches are a significant source of atmospheric nitrogen in forests, which is fundamental for natural forests and the wildlife environment.

Roaches feed on decomposing organic material, leaf litter, and decaying organic matter in their surroundings.

This product traps a lot of atmospheric gaseous nitrogen, and then when cockroaches eat it, the trapped nitrogen is passed into the soil via their excreta. Plants and trees then accumulate nitrogen, which facilitates their growth.

The disappearance of roaches will significantly affect the forest’s diversity and implicitly hinder the life cycles of all species living there. A lot of leaf litter, garbage, and organic material will gather in forests and the environment as a consequence of the nitrogen cycle and nutrient availability being affected by the roach extinction.

As a matter of fact, despite how annoying these pesky bugs existence, these insects play an essential role in the earth’s ecosystem.

Roaches serve as Pollinators.

Roaches serve as Pollinators.

Have you noticed what cockroaches, insects, and pollen creatures have in common? Of course, the flowers require them. All such pests can be useful insect feeders in the forest. Forest roaches, like some insects and butterflies, sit gently on flowers while seeking food.

Pollen adheres to their body surface. As they search for food, they fall pollen on some other flowers, giving back to the natural biological cycle of the earth. However, there has recently been studied on the aspect of forest roaches as pollinating insects.

Recent research found that some wild cockroach species may also pollinate plants. Therefore, the insect pollinators’ contribution to cockroaches is critical to the survival of some of these species of wild nature.

Roaches serve as Nutrient Recyclers.

Roaches are a significant role in the natural environment rather than just being a food source for other creatures. For instance, Forest roaches are fully capable of decaying matter and other plant products.

Microbes in their stomachs aid in the breaking down of decomposing of other plant materials that are inedible to other creatures.

When roaches disintegrate organic material, they scatter it throughout the forest, where the bacteria absorb it. Some cockroach species as well aid in pollination in a wild forest. Cockroach guts can provide a conducive environment for many microbes, such as soil microbes.

If you’re wondering why cockroaches exist, read on.

What Benefits do Cockroaches serve To Humans?

Roaches are beneficial to our earth. Nonetheless, I will still be wondering why roaches exist. So let’s check out why cockroaches are beneficial for humans.

Roaches serve as a Staple Food.

Roaches serve as a Staple Food.

Do you know? Cockroaches are an extremely good food source amidst their uninteresting appearance. Roaches are just considered disgusting to taste in Modern society.

Several cultures around the world, such as Chinese, Mexican, and Thailand, eat these insect pests as part of their food. All viruses and bacteria in the roaches will be killed once fully cooked, trying to make them suitable for eating.

Cockroaches help in Soil Fauna.

Cockroaches are considered soil fauna. Cockroaches eat decaying leaf litter matter through nature, making them a foremost consumer in their environment.

Cockroaches help microbe populations by breaking and sprinkling leaf litter as they feed. Cockroaches can also transmit microbes to new places so that they can decompose more disintegrating matter.

Cockroach feces and other things are a rich food source for such microbes. Cockroach waste materials may be an excellent source of nutrients returning to the soil.

Roaches serve for Medicine and Cosmetic uses.

Can you imagine? Crushed cockroaches are also employed in several different Chinese medicines. All across history, roaches have been used in medical science.

Cockroaches have been the main ingredient in modern Chinese medicine for over three decades. They can treat ulcers when extracted and are constantly being researched for links to certain other treatment options.

Cockroaches are a constituent in some modern medicine and medical beauty products. Creams containing crushed cockroaches are said to promote healing scars.

Roaches serve Modern Prosthetic Research.

Roaches serve Modern Prosthetic Research.

Cockroaches are a great example since they can regrow body parts. Undoubtedly, robotics labs worldwide use cockroach legs to build better prosthetics. Why?

Cockroaches, in short, are quite easy to deal with. Cockroaches are abundant and humongous. Due to their flair for self-stabilize, cockroaches are popular in robotics studies.

The skill of a cockroach to withstand damage. They are incredibly beneficial for any model built to transport heavy loads.

Roaches serve as Insect Feeders.

By the way, cockroaches are widely cultivated and reared as food for insect-loving pets. They are a great replacement when compared to many other feeder insects.

Roaches are low in calories and packed with nutrients and vitamins. Perhaps better, they’ve been found to contain higher protein content than caterpillars and super worm larvae.

Lastly, they have possessed many inhibitory traits, such as being very simple to cultivate, as roaches are extremely durable and adaptable and move more slowly than most species of pest.

Cockroaches use as Pets.

Cockroaches use as Pets.

Cockroaches are reared as pets, which might also surprise some people. The Madagascar hissing cockroach is among the most predominant species in the world.

When challenged, the hissing cockroach makes a hissing sound, as the names suggest. This cockroach is also the only species able to produce this sound.


After knowing several benefits and the purpose, why do cockroaches exist, and why do I hate cockroaches? Cockroaches are dirty, disgusting, oily, stinky creatures that feast on waste and feces. Cockroaches live in the filthiest environments known to humans and spread many of the most terrible diseases.

Furthermore, they have been related to trigger allergies and respiratory problems. All of these characteristics make me dislike cockroaches even more. The best pest control methods for cockroaches are limiting their access inside the house, sticky traps, exposure therapy, and insecticide. Minimize water and food sources and known and potential hiding spots to stop cockroach pest infestation.

I’ve noticed that we ought to cope with our phobias. As for me, I have no purpose in breeding roaches in my home any time soon, and I’ll always keep a bottle of cockroach spray under my kitchen and bathroom wash basin. They’re also adapting to suppress pesticides and chemicals; these pest control methods are useless.

But, as summer approaches and the cockroaches emerge from their hideouts, I’ve fixed to do what many people do overlook them. Otherwise, I’d be preparing myself for a very bleak future. It’s time to overcome my apprehension and learn to coexist with them.

FAQs about Why do Roaches Exist?

Why do Cockroaches Exist in Houses?

Cockroaches prefer a warm, moist environment with a lot of rotting garbage and dirtiness. They prefer to avoid light, so they come to see us in the dark. Roaches survive in houses since they have been supplied with all forms of food sources and water and other conditions, including:

A hot and humid environment. There is quite a considerable amount of food in debris, waste, and spilled food. A breeding facility that is safe and protected.

A hygienic, well-ventilated house with sealed entry and exit points is significantly less likely to be infested with cockroaches and insects than a dirty, stuffy house.

Why do Flying Cockroach Species exist?

Cockroaches typically seek out relatively cool areas during hot weather because hotter temperatures end up causing insects to expend more energy.

At last, although most cockroaches would like to run, cockroaches with flying ability will use flight as a survival tactic when they require to flee quickly.

Why do American Cockroaches exist?

American cockroaches access homes in quest of water or food source. They can move through if the weather stripping on the entrances is broken. Basement window frames and garage doors are also common entrances.

You shouldn’t be overly concerned if the cockroach is an American Cockroach. These roach creatures are sporadic intruders that prefer to reside outside. When they come into homes, it is usually by accident or since there is a food source and water availability which they can eat.

Should I kill Cockroaches?

Cockroaches are not only unpleasant to see; roaches can easily spread bacteria, carry infectious organisms, and pass salmonella to humans. Their decaying bodies can also produce allergic reactions.

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